Design Your Cleaning has teamed up with Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit providing free house cleaning to cancer patients. Owners Kimberle and Joseph Nesselt are committed to making a difference for families in the community and want to extend their reach to helping cancer patients.

“We have had many family members diagnosed with cancer,” said Kimberle Nesselt. “We have seen firsthand how devastating a diagnosis like that can be. Since we own a cleaning business, what better way to serve our family and community than to provide free house cleaning. It’s truly an honor to be a part of such an amazing community of cleaners that offer this service. It is not only helpful to the person receiving the cleaning, but also rewarding for the cleaner as well.”

Through partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, Design Your Cleaning supports two cancer patient’s homes each month for two consecutive months free of charge. This is an ongoing service to cancer patients residing in Cooper City, Davie, and Southwest Ranches.

About Design Your Cleaning

Established in 2020, Design Your Cleaning is a family-owned residential and commercial cleaning company that comes from a long line of family cleaning services. After watching their family thrive in the business, the Nesselts knew it was just a matter of time.

Said owner Kimberle Nesselt, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband became ill, and we needed to self-quarantine. We really began to appreciate the importance of cleaning and disinfecting our home. Soon after, we were eager to develop our passion for cleaning into a professional service to support other families in our community wanting a clean, safe, healthy home. That is how Design Your Cleaning began.

“We understand that many people are working from home and their children are attending school in person or virtually from home. We allow you to design your cleaning. Whether it’s basic house cleaning, deep cleaning, or laundry service, we want our service to help make your life easier.”

About Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason partners with more than 1,200 residential cleaners throughout the United States and Canada to offer free house cleaning to any household battling cancer. Since 2006, the nonprofit and its partners have donated more than $15.1 million in services, helping more than 44,750 cancer patients. In 2017, Cleaning for a Reason was adopted by ISSA Charities, the charitable arm of ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. To learn more about Cleaning for a Reason and to apply for free house cleaning, see